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Session Nine Newsletter 2023

Campers are finishing the summer strong with lots of fun activities and awesome friendships they have created. We look forward to seeing you in the next two weeks left of camp until next year! It has been a blast so far and we hope to continue the fun.

Wednesday campers have the option to tie-dye a white shirt. This is an optional activity and if they would like to participate, they can either buy a white shirt with the UHF design or bring a white shirt from home. The majority of campers participate in this activity and can wear their tie-dye shirts on tie-dye Friday!

The puppies are getting so big! They have opened their eyes and are running all over the place. They love the cuddles from the campers that come to visit them. This helps socialize them at a young age. We get to see their personalities grow each week. As of Friday, August 10th, there is still one male puppy up for adoption and you can email or call our office for more information.

Every day we head down to the lake (depending on the weather). The campers love to swim with their friends and hang out in the sand. The campers must take a swim test and pass to swim in the designated areas. The lake is a nice place to end the day and cool off from all the fun at the farm.

On Thursday, we have a theme, Renaissance Day! Campers and counselors had the choice of dressing up in a costume at the farm. Each group made a shield or crest to represent their group! Here are the group pictures with their crests.

Nature Sallie always helps the campers find the coolest creatures. When they aren't swamping or on nature hikes, she helps the campers with nature based activities.

Farmer Andy, Nature Sallie, and Alida helped campers go on a flower hike and create a beautiful flower plate design.

More crafting in the craft shop. They made coffee filter butterflies, played Jenga, and melted crayons to make a multicolored crayon to take home.

Love the animals too! We always hang out with the animals in our free time.

Each week we recognize three counselors that have done an outstanding job at camp and this week our C.O.W 's were head counselor of the Grilled Chicken, Paige G., assistant counselor of the Bull Frogs, Esther, and the CIT of the Disco Ducks, Lincoln. Unfortunately, we did not get a picture of the counselors this week but they still deserve some recognition. Thank you guys for an amazing week!

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