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Session Seven Newsletter 2023

Camp is over halfway done... But we still have a few more amazing weeks to come! We are excited to share them with you and all the campers. Here is a look at the past week of session seven and all the fun we had.

Baby piglets are 3 weeks old. They are loving the cuddles from the campers. And becoming more friendly by the day. Campers had the opportunity to hold a piglet with Farmer Andy, Heidi, and Paige.

Tie-dye is an activity that we do every Wednesday, and campers will bring a white shirt to dye, and they will take it home with instructions to wash it and where the tie-dye on Friday.

Heidi and Nature Sallie made the farm look pretty with fairy gardens! Around the farm in our flower beds are a few fairy gardens that have little nicknacks in them for you to look for.

The puppies are 3 weeks old as well. The campers also have the chance during activity time to go with counselors up to Leslie Webster's house to visit the puppies. We are finally able to hold the puppies and see how to cute they are getting!

Don't be alarmed our sheep is living her best life! During our theme day, some of our campers (with the help of counselors and Farmer Andy) colored the sheep with Kool-Aid powder for a Valentine's Day activity. (This did not hurt the sheep in any way, and is animal safe! It was supervised by our Farmer).

Campers also feed lots of animals during the week for chores. Campers love to feed the ducks and let them eat from their hands.

We did lots of crafting during our Theme Day. The theme was holidays. Counselors picked a holiday to dress up as and they came up with activities to go with their costumes. Some counselors did Christmas, Valentine's, St. Patrick's, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year, etc. Campers also had the option to dress up!

Thank you to our counselors of the week (C.O.W). Head counselor of the Tropical Turtles, Marion (left), Assistant counselor of the Tropical Turtles, Brooke K. (middle), CIT of the Satyrs, Grant (right). You rock! The campers love you!

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