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Group Banners

The counselors of each group create a banner with the group name to represent their group throughout the summer. 

2024 Camp Banners

Get to Know the Groups

Campers are assigned a group at the beginning of the week and will stay in the group until the end of the week. If campers attend multiple weeks they will continue to stay in that assigned group. The groups are organized by the campers ages, and help with attendance purposes. The groups do not limit the camper from participating in specific activities or playing with other friends that are attending camp. 

Below you can click the group names and learn about the counselors in each group. 

Important days throughout the week


Monday's have a little different schedule. We meet new campers each week. Which means we spend a little more time with our groups. We get to know our other friends in our group along with our counselors that we will be with all week. We play group games, name games, and take a tour around the farm and a small craft with the group. Then we head to lunch and play on the playgrounds before we head to the lake. We have a walking trail to the lake that everyone takes. The counselors walk with their groups down to the lake so everyone knows the way. This way later in the week if campers would like to walk to the lake, they can! If they prefer to ride the wagon later in the week instead of walking they can do that also. 


Once we get to the lake, we learn where our group spots are

and listen to the rules of the lake. This helps with attendance and safety while at our waterfront. Monday's we do swim tests. Our swim tests help us know where kids can swim at. After swim time is over we head back to the farm to head home.

Tie-dye Wednesday

Every Wednesday we tie-dye! This is an optional activity, but very fun! If you would like to participate in tie-dye, bring a white 100% cotton t-shirt, or purchase a white 100% cotton farm logo t-shirt on Wednesday and give it to your counselor. Campers will tie-dye the t-shirts during activity time and bring them home at pick-up time. 


It has come to the end of the week, time to take home anything left at the farm, including swimsuits and towels, water bottles, lunch bags, backpacks, sweaters, goggles, etc. Find lost n' found materials! 

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