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Session Eight Newsletter 2023

We are coming close to the end of camp, but we never stray far from making each week memorable. Campers continue to make new friendships and keep camp alive. We love meeting all our friendly and smiling faces each session.

While at camp it's not always crafts and animals, we get down and dirty in the woods. Campers had the opportunity to build a shelter out of materials they could find in the woods. We call this Survivor Friday! Campers work as a team to build a "fort" that they can fit in.

After lunch each day we head down to the lake to cool off. Campers can choose to swim, play in the sand, play octoball, or go in a canoe with a counselor. They have a blast with their friends! Here are some sand creations that the campers made during lake time.

Nature Center Sallie held a rainbow scavenger hunt around the farm. The campers received a board with the colors of the rainbow and their mission was to find things around the farm that matched each color! Super fun!

Campers explored around the farm to create fairy houses. Some campers found holes in the trees and made a welcoming garden area for some fairies or other creatures!

What's farm camp without some animal holding? Campers love visiting the ducks and get to hold them and give them some love!

Heidi and Nature Sallie took some campers on a hike to collect flowers and take them back to the craft shop to make them colorful. They used food coloring and water to bring the flowers back to life.

The puppies are getting so big! They have opened. their eyes and showing their personalities more each day. Campers get to walk up to Steve and Leslie's house to visit the puppies with a counselor and snuggle them during activity time.

We had a late stay on Wednesday and each group performed a skit for the camp to watch. The Little Feet group was quite silly and took some time to get the wiggles out before practicing but they were great during skits. Its all fun and games with the counselors.

Here are some extra pictures from the week!

Here's to our C.O.W's! Another special thank you to our counselors this week. The head counselor of the Ambitious Alpacas, Mikey (right), assistant counselor of the Awesome Opossums, Fynn (middle), and CIT of the Awesome Opossums, Audrey (left). Thank you for all the hard work you do each session! Great work!

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