Everyone knows that weddings can be expensive, time consuming, and stressful.  Take some of the stress, expense and planning out of your big day.  Why not choose a location that has the potential to be a beautiful back drop for your nuptials, while entertaining your guests both young and old.

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Availability and Cost 2021

Weddings are held in June, July, August and September. 

Saturday is the preferred day of the week. You may hold both your ceremony and reception a the farm. 

Rental of Facilities                                                      

Includes 5 Hours of private rental of the farm. 


Additional Hours                                                         

Add additional time to your wedding day 

$200.00 per hour

Add On Options


One Tractor with 2 wagons 50-80 guests

$100.00 per hour 

Pop, Coffee & Tea                                                       

*Does not include ice

**Number of guests 100-250

$40.00 per hour


*Served all day

**Over 100 guests, $100.00 flat rate 

$2.00 per person

Extras to Consider

The Farm provides the space for your party to be held, but what goes into that space is up to you.  Some couples choose to use our picnic tables for their guests.  Other couples will rent round tables and chairs with linens.  If you are having a meal you will need to hire a caterer. Music can be provided by a hired professional. Music can also be played through the sound system in the reception area with an i pod or MP3 player provided by you. Alcohol can be offered to your guests, however it needs to be served by a  bartender, not Farm  staff.

Dates Booked for 2021

June 5, 2021: Lucas and Courtney 

June 12, 2021: Pre-Camp Training 

June 19, 2021: Bella Webster Open House 

June 26, 2021: AJ and Kaylee 

July 3, 2021: Tyler and Gina

July 10, 2021: Jake and Hannah 

July 17, 2021: Christopher and Abby

July 24, 2021: Sean and Brooke

July 31, 2021: Available

August 7, 2021: Ken and Lynn 

August 14, 2021: Andrew and Sarah

August 21, 2021: Available

August 28, 2021: Andrew and Daniella 

September 4, 2021: Available 

September 10, 2021: Steven and Robin

September 11, 2021: Michael and Lauren 

September 18: 2021: Anniversary Party

September 25, 2021: Ryan and Courtney

Dates Booked for 2022

June 04, 2022: Andrew & Alexa

June 18, 2022: Preston & Megan

June 25, 2022: Available

July 30, 2022: Scott & Miranda

September 03, 2022: Joseph & Jamie

September 24, 2022: Available

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