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Session Three Newsletter 2024

The summer sessions have been off to a great start! Lots of new babies, crafts and friendships. We love to see all of the new faces each week. Hope to see all our friends next week to celebrate the Fourth of July!

We started off session three with a new baby cow. Cinnamon our mama cow gave birth to a sweet baby boy. Next week our campers will get to put names in a jar and we will pick one on friday.

We had 5 cow births the past three weeks. This baby boy was the third baby. This week campers got the chance to name him. His mama's name is Kit Kat, named after the candy bar. We like to keep a theme with the names. This week campers pulled a name from our name jar and named him Milk Dud. He sure is cute!

Another week calls for lots of tie-dye! This a very popular activity that campers and counselors participate in on Wednesday's each week.

Counselors held lots of crafting activities this week. Lots of paint! Campers got a little messy finger painting but the art was beautiful!

Beaded bracelets is a go to activity. You get to create bracelets with friends and counselors.

Everyone wants to take the animals home with them but they can get really messy. Its a big responsibility, so the campers settled for making paper plate animals to take home!

We never skip out on horseback riding. We love our horses and they love us. Campers learn to ride by themselves and walk the horses around the ring!

More crafts! Campers made small colorful toliet paper roll telescopes. Point it at a light and look inside to see the creation.

The unpredictable weather kept us from the lake early in the week but we made do with a counselor hunt and scavanger hunt. One counselor from each group hid around the farm and as a group the campers went around to look for them. When they found them the counselor would give them a task to find an object or take a group picture around the farm. Below is a little sneak peak of the collages created from the groups.

One of the groups made a short little video from the counselor hunt and scavenger hunt. Very creative!

At the end of each week, we announce counselors of the week. We call them C.O.W! Thank you counselors for your amazing work this week. The campers love you! Ava B., head counselor from the Goat Busters (right), Daphne, assistant counselor from the Moo Hawks (middle), Ava M., CIT from the Jolly Ranchers (left).

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