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Session Two 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The summer sunshine finally came out this week! After a rough week of cold weather in session one, we made the most of all the sunshine this week. After the hot mornings of animal chores and activities, we were able to cool off in the lake at the end of the day. Tractor rides back to the farm from the lake are the best way to end the camp day.

While soaking in all the sun, the campers did many fun and creative activities. Multiple baking, crafting, and sporting activities were held by our counselors this week. One activity that was a hit this week was chicken treat making. The campers joined together with Farmer Andy to bake some delicious treats to feed our chickens in the yard.

The chickens had a special treat and our pigs had a spa day this week. With the help of our head counselor Delaney and lots of campers, we had clean pigs. David (the pig) had special treatment from campers.

Even our horses had a spa day after riding. Look how beautiful our campers made the horses look. Nicole and Ava helped teach the campers how to groom and pamper the horses after a great day of work.

Some of our campers took a hike to our lake and went fishing! Prince Lake is full of many different fish and many campers were successful!

Wednesday we joined together for the awesome tie-dye activity with Casey and Sam. Campers can buy a farm logo t-shirt or bring one from home and create a colorful shirt that they can wear!

Wednesday was also our late stay where campers have the choice to stay at the farm all day from 9 am-9 pm! Who wouldn't wanna hang out with animals, be with their friends and swim all day?! In the evening we do group skits where the counselors and campers create a skit to perform in our show barn for the camp to watch. Some skits were quite messy this session. It's all with smiles and laughs! :)

Crafts, Crafts, Crafts! Two popular crafts this week were toilet paper roll butterflies and iron-on beads!

Nature Center Sallie took some campers swamping down at the lake. They found some turtles, frogs, snakes and lots of bugs!

This week we would like to recognize three counselors who have done an outstanding job. We call the C.O.W (counselor of week). Head counselor of the Disco Ducks Maggie (Left), Assistant counselor of the Disco Ducks Madeline (middle), and CIT of the Disco Ducks Addie (right). Great job guys!

More photos from camp this week!

Friday we played sleeping lion to get out of the rain.

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