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Session Three 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

This week was full of adventure. Whether it's sunshine, rain, or not-so-great air quality, campers have a blast meeting new friends and hanging out with the animals. The whole camp did a scavenger hunt with their groups to find the objects listed, sometimes they had to be a little creative.

Wednesday was another fabulous day for tie-dye. Lots of colorful designs and masterpieces were created by campers to wear on tie-dye Friday.

On Thursday we had a Party in the U.S.A theme day. Counselors chose a state and created an activity based on what the state is known for. Campers had the option to travel to each state and do the activity! Here are some campers reenacting the Boston Tea Party with Farmer Andy, and Nature Center Sallie.

And of course, you can never go without some animal loving, and some daily chores :)

At the end of each day, we like to cool off in the lake! Campers love to swim to the log with the counselors, play in the sand and play some games of octoball.

This week the C.O.W (Counselor of Week) is Head Counselor Molly (left), Assistant Counselor Cassidy Saulter (right), and CIT Cassidy Pracher (middle). Great job! :)

Thank you for attending session 3 of camp everyone! Hope to see you again this summer!

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