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Session One Newsletter 2024

Starting the summer off with a bang! Lots of new friendships were made and three new baby cows were born this week! It was an eventful week and a great start to the summer :)

Over the course of this week, we had three mama cows give birth, Greta Jean, Fern, and Kit Kat. All our mamas had boys. It's the year of boy calves. Our very first calf of the year, Dill, finally gets some barn mates to join him. Greta Jean gave birth to a boy on Saturday, June 8th. Fern gave birth to a boy on Monday, June 10th. Kit Kat gave birth to a boy today, June 14th.

Greta Jean and her baby Eugene Fitzherbert.

Fern and her baby boy. His name will be given during session two of camp.

Kit Kat and her baby boy who was born after camp ended today. He doesn't have a name yet.

One of the most popular activities that we do at camp is tie-dye. Campers have the option to purchase a UHF shirt or bring a shirt from home. They start out white and come home with lots of beautiful colors. On Friday, campers and counselors wear their creations to show them off. We call it tie-dye friday!

This week we had a ton of amazing crafts. Heidi, Nature Sallie, and Katie helped campers make nature sun catchers. They went on a flower hike around the farm and collected lots of cool plants and flowers to put in their sun catchers.

Some campers got down and dirty with our piglets. The piglets made some paint art with the help of campers. Who knew pigs were so artsy!

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! The week kept getting hotter and hotter, so counselors showed campers how to make ice cream. There were a few mistakes in the end but they made it work. We always say it's about the process not the product.

There's always enough time to get some kitten cuddles in.

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday we hold horseback riding. Campers have the option to have a counselor walk with them or do it by themselves. All our horses are retired and live their best lives out in the pasture. They are our gentle giants and love getting pampered by campers.

Loads of crafting activities this week. Campers made name tags, painted pet rocks, chicken cluckers, shaving cream paintings, hand print fish, and much more.

When we aren't crafting or playing games, we play with the animals. We have free range to hold and cuddle the animals all day!

Every morning we do chores. The animals can't wait to eat! After attendance, we feed the animals and give them lots of love. Our Flaming Flamingos group collected lots of eggs! Our chickens gave us 5 1/2 dozens eggs!

We love the lake! After eventful days of crafting and cuddling animals, we cool off at Prince Lake. In this picture campers are taking swim tests. After they have passed, they can swim in that area.

At the end of each week, we acknowledge three counselors who have done an outstanding job. We call them C.O.W for counselor of the week. In session one we have Zoe (left) head counselor of the Sassy Starfish, Lucy (middle) assistant counselor of the Trotting Tractors, and Karl (right) CIT of the Kung Fu Cows. Thank you for all of your hard work!

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