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Session One 2023 Newsletter

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

The Michigan weather made a rough start to session one of the summer. The cold and rainy weather was working against us this week, but we made it work. All big smiles, positive vibes, and happy campers to start the season of animal fun. Lots of crafting and barn activities to start the summer off strong. All the animals got extra camper cuddles and love to make it through the week. Some of our campers were found in our cow barn holding cats, goats, and lambs. And we can't forget to give some love to our chickens and ducks on the other side of the farm in the poultry. Farmer Andy is always found assisting and teaching our campers about the importance of our animals. He helps us milk our cows and feed the animals during chores.

On Tuesday, we got a special presentation from Farmer Nate this week to get out of the rain. Farmer Nate taught us about all our animals on the farm. We learned about where we get our milk, what we can make from milk, what breeds of cows we have on the farm, where our eggs come from, how we can make yarn from sheep wool, and more! Did you know sheep wool has a natural oil/wax that is called Lanolin, and it is used in many moisturizing products?!

Nature Center Sallie set up our new nature center building on the hill earlier this month and this week she had help from multiple campers and was able to set up enclosures for our scaly friends. Even with the rainy weather we made time to take some nature hikes and discover some scaly creatures throughout the woods.

Our campers had the chance to ride the horses on Tuesday and Friday this week. We never miss a day when we get to horseback ride and learn about our working horses around the farm. Even our counselors hop on sometimes!

On Wednesday we do tie-dye! One of our favorite camp activities that we do every Wednesday. We get messy and create a bright work of art we like to wear on what we like to call tie-dye Friday.

Unfortunately, we did not make it to the lake this week, but we made do by getting out of the rain and cold weather to stay warm in our barns as we gathered together to create some crafts and take care of all the animals on the farm. We will see your smiling faces next week (hopefully with better weather!).

Each week we like to recognize a few counselors that have done an outstanding job with the campers and animals. We call them C.O.W (counselor of week). This week we have Head Counselor of The Satyrs Alida (Left), Assistant Counselor of The Satyrs Ethan (Middle), and CIT of The Satyrs Emma (Right). Thank you for being so kind and helpful!

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