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Session Four Newsletter 2024

Happy Fourth of July! This week we celebrated with all the campers! Lots of fun activities, lake time, and a special treat!

This week campers named Cinamon's baby boy. On Friday, we pulled a name out of our name jar at it was.... drum roll please!.... Toast :) Welcome to the farm baby Toast.

Campers had a blast in the sand pile looking for dinosaur bones! Owen, Director Casey's son, brought out his dinosaur bone identifcation book to help find which dinosaur they came from. (disclaimer not real dinosaur bones)

Counselors Lucy and Clare helped teach campers how to make cookies. They turned out so good. Very delicious!

Craft shop counselor Heidi helped kids make clay bean mosaics. They were so cool, and the campers were very creative.

Campers helped our pigs cool off this week with baths! David the pig really enjoyed his pool. Even our piglets got some baths!

Another week of awesome tie-dyes! We had tons of campers make their own tie-dyes. We love to see the color shirts on friday!

First fishing outing of the summer. Lots of campers joined some counselors at the lake to fish! They were very successful!

Nature Sallie had a lot of takers for swamping this week. They got down and dirty catching frogs and salamanders! We also had some vistors at the farm. Look how beautiful the butterfly and lunar moth are! They stayed in our new butterfly house for the week so campers could observe them.

On Wednesday we had our late stay where campers stay all day at the farm. We have extra lake time and eat dinner and do skits. Its a blast! Campers made sand castles with their groups down at the lake. Here are some of the creations.

Another fn activity the campers did this week was build mini robots. We used scrap wood, nails, screws, buttons, bolts, nuts etc. They were very handy!

Meet the lifeguards! They did all matching tie-dyes! Down at the lake all the lifeguards are on duty watching the water and keeping the kids and counselors safe. Far left, Ava, head counselor of Goat Busters. Second left, Evelyn, head counselor of Dino-Mites. Middle, Lauren, head lifeguard and Assistant Camp Director. Second right, Maggie, head counselor of Punk Rock-Coons. Far right, Raegan, head counselor of Kung Fu Cows.

The C.O.W's! Here are our counselors of the week! Thank you for being so kind and helpful during camp! The campers absolutely love you! Raegan (left) head counselor of Kung Fu Cows, Alik (middle) assistant of Trotting Tractors, Grayson (right) CIT of Dino-Mites. Thank you, you guys are very appreciated!

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