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Session Four 2023 Newsletter

Happy Fourth of July! We spent this week celebrating, doing activities, and swimming. This week was full of sunshine which gave us tons of opportunities to take hikes, swim for hours, create fun crafts, and hang with the animals.

On Tuesday, we welcomed a baby goat! She is the cutest little kid. We like to involve the campers when naming new animals during the summer by having a name draw. One of our campers Evelyn in the Awesome Opossums had her name drawn. Meet baby S'mores and her mama Lana Del Ray.

A couple of days later on Thursday, we welcomed a new baby cow! This week was full of new life! Chicory (mama cow) had her first baby. Next week during session five we will do a name draw for her new baby girl.

On Wednesday, we did tie-dye and we had our late stay which goes all day from 9am-9pm. The campers get to stay longer at the farm, swim more, have dinner at the farm, and perform skits with their groups. It's a long day but so much fun!

Farmer Andy and Heidi took some campers up to Steve and Leslie Webster's house to pick some cherries off their trees. After eating a few, they decided to make a pie! The fresh-picked homemade cherry pie was delicious! If you would like to know the recipe visit our In the Classroom tab.

Nature Center Sallie and Heidi went on a flower hike this week and enjoyed some nature. They made flower crowns!

Horseback riding is always a blast! Campers have the choice to ride by themselves or with a leader. Our horse camp directors Ava and Nicole help teach the campers the importance of horses and how to be safe while around them. Sometimes our counselors will trail ride after camp. Jake, Cooper, Jack, and Ava went trail riding earlier in the week.

On Friday's we get crafty! Campers made iron-on beads. They create whatever design that they would like and counselors will iron them together for the kids to take home.

Did someone say Swamping?! During lake time, Nature Center Sallie will take a group of campers to the swamp to find some creatures and help the kids identify them. We found a couple of frogs, snakes, and turtles.

We love to stay active too! Counselors will play basketball during activity time or after lunch before the lake.

When it's time to relax, you can find us in the barns hanging with the chickens, cows, pigs, cats, and our alpaca (ZeeZee).

Farmer Andy helped these campers become Junior Farmer at UHF. Andy helped educate campers about animals while doing a scavenger hunt around the farm. On Friday we announced them as a group!

Each week we give a shout-out to our counselors for their hard work. This week the counselors of the week (C.O.W) are head counselor Jake (left) from the Pig Malone, assistant counselor Sawyer (middle) from the Horse Flies and CIT Rhys (right) from the Horse Flies. Great work guys!

More pictures from the week!

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