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Session Five 2023 Newsletter

Oh, Babies! Session five started out with a bang. This week we have gained a ton of new members to the farm. Monday, early in the morning, Wilma (mama pig) gave birth to eight healthy piglets! Later in the week, Roxee (farm dog) gave birth midday Wednesday thru the night to nine healthy puppies! What a week to be at camp.

Wilma and her piglets are thriving and love the campers. They grow more curious by the day.

Roxee (Leslie Webster's dog) had nine healthy bundles of joy Wednesday, July 12th-Thursday July 13th. The puppies will be available for adoption. To learn more about the puppies, stay tuned to the blog, and Facebook posts, and keep a lookout for the "In the Dog House" section on our website. We will post updates and show tons of adorable pictures. Campers also had the chance to look at the x-ray of Roxee's belly and see the puppies. Lots of campers tried to count how many puppies Roxee might have and only a few got it right!

Another week means another week to enjoy and pamper some horses. Every camper gets the chance to ride a horse if they would like. We horseback ride a few times a week. Campers can choose, if they feel comfortable, to ride without a counselor leading the horse.

TIE-DYE! We love to make our white shirts colorful! Whether it's an old dingy shirt or a new camp shirt, we can make them come to life. This is an optional activity but more than half of the campers that attend camp each session choose to tie-dye.

Nature Sallie never fails to make the campers smile! She encourages campers to find new creatures around the farm and at the lake. She helps campers learn about frogs, turtles, and plants they come across while hiking and swamping.

Boating adventures are always a hit. Along the 200 Acres of land owned by Upland Hills Farm is Prince Lake. This is where we swim each day. We have canoes that the campers can take out on the lake with a counselor and explore the lake beyond the permitters of the shore. Some counselors also help kids build forts down at the lake. They use branches, dirt, leaves, etc. Anything they can find!

Crafts are constantly going on around the farm. Our counselor get creative with the campers and help them make the activity come to life. Majority of the activities held each day consist of crafts in our craft shop. It's the hangout spot!

Lots of animal hugs, and love to give around the farm too!

Last week, Chicory (mama cow) had a baby. You can read about it in the session four newsletter. This week we held a name draw. Campers can write down a name and put it in a box. We have someone draw a piece of paper at the end of the week. Presley's name that she chose was picked. She named our newest baby cow Clover. Meet baby Clover!

This week Farmer Andy gained some more Junior Farmers. They learned about all the different animals on the farm and completed a little farm booklet. Congratulations Farmers!

We would like to wish our campers a very Happy Birthday! Thank you for being with us on your special days!

Our C.O.Ws for this week are.......*drum roll please*...... head counselor of the Bull Frogs Ava (left), assistant counselor of the Barn Bandits Sami (middle), and CIT of the Fancy Foxes Grayson. You guys are amazing! Thank you!

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