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Fall School Tours 

Tuesday - Friday in October Only.

Tours begin between 9:00am - 10:30am, allow your group 3 hours to experience the farm.

Tours include a 30 minute hayride, a walk in the woods on our storybook trail, picnic tables inside and outside for lunch, 2 playgrounds, Sheep Barn, Horse Barn, Cow Barn, and Poultry yards, free parking, feeding the ducks and geese and a pie pumpkin (cantaloupe size pumpkin) all children can carry.

Preschool Tours 

Children and Adults will go on a 30 - 40 minute guided tour of the farm with a farmer.  Groups of 50 or less. Larger groups will be split into multiple groups.  This tour is designed for a hands-on experience.  It will include milking a cow, petting the animals, and moving from place to place keeping the children's attention.

Elementary Tours 

Kindergarten students and older will attend a 45 minute farm show.  Everyone will sit on bleachers inside a barn and the presentation by the farmers will include making butter, sheering the sheep, spinning wool, and an explanation of all the animals relationship to the children.


$10.00 per person

12 months and under are free 

One teacher for every 25 people is free 

*Field Trips do not include cider and donuts. However orders may be placed in advance for large groups. Donuts are first come, first serve on school tour days. 

**Reservations are required. 

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