Schools and organizations have found the last couple of years difficult to come up with funds for the extras.  The farm is offering a program for you to raise funds that can be fun and simple.  Our Harvest Festival takes place every Saturday and Sunday in October.  Any group registering with us can have their members bring this completed Participant Donation Form to the front gate during the Festival and your group will receive a donation from Upland Hills Farm from $2.00 to $4.00 per person.

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This can be an effective fund raiser if you get the word out to your members or school population picking a specific day can enhance attendance as it becomes a social event for your organization too, but it is not necessary they can come any day they want. Be sure your members download the form and fill it out before they visit.  If they do forget, forms will be available at the gate.  Instead of your students hitting up grandma and grandpa to buy wrapping paper and popcorn, bring them to the farm for a day of family entertainment.

In the past we have tried advertising our Harvest Festival.  It was very expensive and the result was not beneficial to us.  Therefore, we have decided that nothing would make us happier than to give back to the schools and organizations in our community rather than giving our money to newspapers, radio or television.

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