Casey was introduced to Upland Hills Day Camp at age 12.  She became a member of the staff the following summer as a C.I.T.  and has been here ever since.  Casey graduated from Oakland University and today her full time job is managing the Farm.   Casey and her husband Eli live down the road with their sons Rhys and Kye.
Nate is the son-in-law of Dorothy and Knight Webster.  He and his wife Pam have three sons, Josh, Caleb and Lucas.  Nate is one of the head counselors in the oldest group and he supervises activities and special events for the whole camp.  Nate can also be found around the farm at other times of the year doing farm shows and taking animals to schools for presentations.
Sam has been involved in day camp for the majority of her life.  She started as a camper at age 5, riding the bus from Bloomfield Hills each day.  Since then camp has always been a favorite part of Sam's life.  She climbed the ranks, starting as a C.I.T. and working her way to head counselor.  Sam has been away from camp for sometime pursuing other goals, but we are fortunate enough to have her back on our staff this summer as a Camp Director and Lifeguard.  Parents should find exciting projects in their campers backpacks this summer!
The Rockin Horses
I am Caleb and I have been working at U.H.F. for 8 years.  I am in my third year at Cornerstone University.  I am studying History.  I love working with the youngest kids at camp.  I like playing sports and doing crafts with the kids.  There is no place I would want to spend my summers other than U.H.F.
My name is Jalyn and my favorite hobbies are playing sports, softball and volleyball especially.  I love playing with kids as well.  I am a junior in high school and I have strong hopes of getting into my dream college of the University of Notre Dame.  While there, I am hoping to become a pediatrician.  I look forward to coming to Upland Hills Farm every day because I truly love it here.  All of the people are so great and I love being able to spend time with kids all day!

Lucas is an assistant counselor this summer.  He is a grandson of Knight and Dorothy Webster and he has spent many summers at Upland Hills Farm.
The Platipie
Hello, my name is Eileen Haig and I will be a junior at Notre Dame Prep in the fall of 2015. I have been attending and working at Upland Hills Farm since I was 5. I enjoy playing soccer, fishing, working with animals and children, doing crafts, and running. The farm is like my second home, and the people there are family to me. The farm is a place where I can let go of all my worries, have fun, and be myself. Upland Hills has helped me develop leadership skills that I have applied to every other aspect of my life. Upland Hills has also given me the opportunity to become a strong, confident, and independent leader.  
My name is Brandon.  I'm 15 and in high school.  I like to be outdoors and especially love being on the Farm.  I like gardening and I love animals.  I also enjoy working with younger kids which is why I love being a counselor.  The atmosphere of the Farm makes me feel very happy.  My favorite things to do at the Farm are building things, cooking, and crafts.
Patriotic Poultry

Lauren is a third year assistant counselor  in The Patriotic Poultry.  She has been attending Upland Hills Farm for six years.  Lauren attends Notre Dame Prep and enjoys bowling and playing guitar.  She hopes to have a career with animals in the future.  Her favorite thing about Upland Hills Farm is making life long friends and being able to see the stars on the overnights.

The Elite Eagles
My Name is Shawn.  I am a 16 year old who will be a junior next year at Notre Dame Prep.  I am an assistant counselor and it is my second year on the Farm.  I love to play lacrosse, entertain, play tennis, go fishing and hunt. I have always cherished the simple things.  I also love to eat a lot.  I am hopefully going to be a design engineer and want to run my own business.  I like the Farm because it is really the first place i could be myself in a long time.  The atmosphere here is so exciting yet relaxing because you are happy everyone is welcoming and you are excited to see what to possibilities of each day bring.  I love playing with the kids because when I play with kids I immediately smile and laugh; the feeling is addicting. 
The Rowdy Cows
Shawn has been coming to camp since he was 7 years old.   Shawn is a sophomore at Wayne State University.  He would like to pursue a career in engineering in the future.  "I love day camp here at Upland Hills Farm.  I have made so many friends and every year I just can't wait to come back!  I love working with the kids and everyone is so friendly!"
Hi I'm Meghann.  I am 17 years old.  I go to Lake Orion High School and will be graduating in 2015.  I am interested in going to college for nursing.  I 7 brothers and 2 sisters.  I live just up the road on a small family farm.  I enjoy running, drawing and hanging out with my family and friends.  This will be my second summer working as an assistant counselor at the Farm.  Ever since my oldest brother Adam started working here, my family has become a part of the Farm Family.  I am really happy to be able to share this opportunity with all the super friendly counselors and campers.  I love kids, I love animals and I love my job!
Yakity Yaks
Hi, I'm Adam, I have been a part of the day camp staff for 6 years.  My hobbies include wood burning and movie making.  I'm in school and I am studying to be an elementary school teacher.  I like the Farm because its a great place to make more friends and memories.
I, Sean Kill, am a kind and playful person.  My hobbies include baseball, hanging out with frineds, video games and Upland Hills Farm.  My favorite subject in school is science.  The main reson that I love the Farm is that there is no other place I can think of where I can escape from all the noise and distractions of our modern society.  The Farm is also the only place where I can see all the stars in the sky.  I love working at UHF because I went there for so long as a camper and it is now very rewarding to work as a counselor.
My name is Cheyenne.  This year is my second summer here at Upland Hills and i honestly couldn't imagine spending my summer doing anything else.  I absolutely love the atmosphere at the camp and adore being outside with the campers all day.  When I'm not at camp you can either find me at Lake Orion High School helping build robots as a robotics team captain, swimming in the pool playing water polo or up at friendship park helping coach my U10 soccer team.  
Thunder Chickens
Hi my name is Logan.  I am the head counselor of the Thunder Chickens.  I graduated this year from Lake Orion High School.  I play hockey and will be attending Ohio State University on scholarship to play as a Buckeye!  My first choice was the University of Michigan of course.  I love Upland Hills Farm!  Tank top Tuesdays and iron on beads with my good friend Shawn are some of the highlights of the summer. 
I am Jeffrey.  I have been at Upland Hills for 7 years and I love it here.  I am an assistant counselor this year and I love it.  I attend Lutheran High Northwest and I a sophomore.  I play football and run track.  I hope to play at the varsity level next year.  The reason I keep coming back to Upland Hills Farm is because I have made friends and amazing memories.  I hope to make more friends in years to come!
The Millennium Falcons
Matt has been working at Upland Hills since 2008.  He has been a wonderful addition to the staff.  He has a passion for film making and producing and hopes to pursue it as a full time career someday.
  In addition to his duties as a head counselor, Matt is one of the lifeguards at the lakefront.  In his spare time, Matt enjoys working out and learning how to cook healthy.  Matt says working at Upland Hills is amazing, its like being a teacher without the degree.